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About Doghouse Academy

At Doghouse Academy, I believe in using positive reinforcement to train dogs and strengthen the bond between them and their human families. I work with each dog and family to create customized training plans that fit their specific needs and goals. I believe that training should be fun and effective, both for the dog and their owner. I'm committed to helping every dog reach their full potential and become well-behaved members of their household.

Isa studied dog training and animal behaviour studies at: 


Educational Partnership 

Dog Walker

I believe in special treatment

At Doghouse Academy, I understand that each dog and their owner has unique needs and challenges. I offer personalized dog training services, including house visits and one-on-one sessions. As a certified trainer, I'm dedicated to creating a training plan tailored to each dog's personality, behavior, and lifestyle, ensuring owners get the most out of the training sessions. I believe in a positive reinforcement approach that builds strong connections between dogs and their owners, resulting in happier and healthier relationships.

Hema, Natick, MA

"Isa listens and plans training based on what needs to be training mainly for us to correct our mistakes :) in a positive reinforcement way."

"She sends detailed emails about what and how to train, which really helps us.
Great follow-up on what was done the previous week and suggestions for effective training. We have a long way to go, but we definitely see
some improvements with our puppy."
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